Art tutorials

These video tutorials are based on the different topics that I teach in my studio classes. They include subject such as:

  • observation
  • composition
  • canvas preparation
  • under painting
  • colour mixing
  • colour theory
  • painting techniques.

    Acrylic Cloud Study

    A tutorial in acrylic for a simple landscape with clouds.

    Cloud Study in Oil: Part 1

    Composing a landscape with clouds starting with an under-painting.

    Cloud Study in Oil: Part 2

    How to see and interpret  colours with the use of quick studies.

    Glazing with Oil Paint

    An introduction to oil glazing using complementary colours.

    Impressionist Landscape: Acrylic

    Impressionist acrylic landscape with analogous colours and a toned canvas.

    Lavender Part 1

    Impressionist landscape painting in oil showing the under painting and first layer of colour.

    Lavender Part 2

    Part 2 shows colour mixing, broken brush strokes and how to layer colour.

    Painting Glass in Oil

    How to observe and understand  transparency in order to paint glass.

    Shadows in the Night

    A short video about the the painting process with stream of conscious poetry.

    Still Life in Oil

    Still life focusing on the relationship of shape, light and shadow.

    Tonal Landscape Study

    Monochromatic  studies are an excellent to understand tonal relationships.

    Trees & Water: Acrylic

    A study of how trees reflect into water based upon two different source images.

    Trees & Water: Oil

    Trees reflecting in water using two images, including under painting and color mixing in oil

    Winter Landscape Part 1

    How to create a monochromatic under-painting in preparation for a winter landscape.

    Winter Landscape Part 2

    Part 2 of Winter Landscape shows how to choose and mix the colours for this oil painting.