Painting, Photography, Internet.

These are powerful mediums of communication and expression. Contact Portrait is a painting project aiming to communicate to people through visual imagery using these three mediums.
The portraits are inspired by self portrait photographs that individuals display via the Internet photo data base called Flickr. When a painting is finished, I post it on my blog and I correspond through e-mail to the person who made the self-portrait photo, explaining to them what I have done and why I chose to paint them.

Contact Portrait

Les Demoiselles Rousseau

A family portrait commission for Mr. Rousseau. It is composed from several photos, many of which were selfies.
Oil on Canvas, 24 x 30 inches

32 Flavours

There are moments in life when a woman will question her self worth. When confronted with rejection we can feel vulnerable, insecure and ugly, in spite of the strength and beauty that is the force of life inside of us.

When I saw the self portrait photo created by Mygigi, I was compelled to paint it. The title comes from a song written by Ani Difranco.

12x16, oil/canvas

Shadows in the Night

Bex Finch is the inspiration behind this painting. The title of her self-portrait: ''Threatened by shadows at night, and exposed in the light'' became the point of departure for a journey into the theme of night. A short process video about this work can be seen here.
16 x 16, oil/canvas

The Sun's Embrace

There is nothing more beautiful then the feeling of inner peace and well being. It makes us glow and world around us is illuminated with joy. This painting is inspired by the dreamy and playful self-portraits of Mysi Anne.

18 x18 inches, oil/canvas.

Fertile Ground

I was genuinely inspired by Mr. Fred Roessler whose self-portrait photos are elegant in their simplicity and filled with a delightfully uplifting sense of humour. If I could adopt him as a muse, I would surely do so.

Freedom of Choice, 14 x14 inches, oil/canvas

Girl with a Towel

This drawing was inspired by Miss Aniela, a photographer from Great Britain. When I saw her self portrait it reminded me of Vermeer's painting of "Girl with a Pearl Earing''. I was particularly drawn to her critical expression as she looks out at us over her shoulder.

One With the Night

There is a certain mystery when painting a portrait of someone that I have not personally encountered. This painting was inspired by Jezika, an artist and musician who has posted many creative self-portraits on Flickr. Motivated by the enigmatic and symbolic manner in which she portrays herself to the world, I chose to respond in a similar fashion.

11x14, oil/canvas

Somewhere Else

This portrait is inspired by Sami Tiapale, from Finland. His dramatic self portraits portray a man who is deeply pensive. Even when looking at you directly, there is a feeling that he is looking beyond you.

11x14, oil/canvas


This portrait was inspired by Heather. When I saw her self-portrait I immediately thought of Renaissance and Neoclassical paintings.

12x16, oil/canvas

The Truth is Unveiled

This is Adrian. I wanted to create the sense of surprise and awe of this priceless expression. I could never imagine a model holding this pose for the amount of time it takes to make a painting.

11x14, oil/canvas

''Après moi, le déluge''

This painting has been inspired by Sophie Wilson, a graphics student from England. Her engaging self portrait photos have a whimsical quality whose spirit I wanted to capture in this painting.

The famous expression, ''Après moi, le déluge'', which is most often attributed to Louis XV is apparently more likely to have been said by his mistress Madame de Pompadour, while having her portrait painted by Quentin de la Tour in 1757. What a splendid historical anecdote to underscore the intentions of this painting!
20 x 24 inches, oil/canvas

Weathering the Storm

Inspired by Carli Vögel, USA Oil on Panel, 24 x 24 inches